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Effetive communication, negotiation and mediation with your Chinese partner

Doing business is communication and negotiation with your partners, clients and suppliers. Sometimes the impression that you made is good, however, there are also moments, meetings and conversations in which it went difficultly, especially if you have to communicate in a different language with someone from a totally different culture, such as your Chinese partner.

Because of the difference in business and social culture between China and Western countries, in addition to the language barrier, disturbances, irritations, tensions sometimes even conflicts may occur. In these situations, it is important to realize what is happening, however, how can you make a good estimation on what is on your Chinese partner's mind, what are the questions behind the questions and why your Chinese partners behavior as the way he/she behaves.

In order to help you in these situations, FEOSS provides an unique service: individual assistance in effective communication, negotiation and mediation with your Chinese partners. With this service, FEOSS acts as a neutral third party, brings the communication (back) in order, assistants the negotiation, controls the process, makes sure that the communication goes in a constructive way and finds an acceptable solution for both parties. FEOSS also takes care that people will be good informed about their decisions and its associated consequences.

Quality control and logistic services

Because lowering costs is not always a sufficient reason for companies to become more competitive, if quality and lead times are scarified. Therefore, in order to maintain and ensure the integrity of the supply chain of the client, FEOSS also provides quality control and logistics support.

The slogan of our services is: European service, Chinese price!

FEOSS local quality control inspectors supervise and inspect the manufacturing process and final product to meet your standards.

FEOSS logistics support group works closely with your local partner to manage the movements of raw materials and finished product, including customs, inbound/outbound transportation, warehousing and distribution, to guarantee a timely delivery.

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