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In today’s cost-effective environment, the manufacturing process has entered into the area of supply chain competition. In order to become more competitive, many companies have (wholly or partially) outsourced their labour-intensive manufacturing and/or assembly functions to a cheap labour cost country, such as China, which has built up a considerable strength in various manufacturing industries in the last decades. 

In addition, due to the tremendous growth of the local economy, China is also becoming a growing export market for information and high-tech products.

However, Western companies can face the following problems when they do business with China :

·         Excessive choices. This leads to time consuming in order to reach the objective.   

·         Lack of knowledge of Chinese (business) culture and local network. This can result in misunderstanding and conflict situations between parties.  

·         Language barrier. This can result in poor communication and misunderstanding between parties.

·         Uncertainty about the solvency of the Chinese partners.

Therefore, if you are planning to do business with China , FEOSS is a good choice. We can help you to solve the problems. We are flexible, understand both Western and Chinese (business) culture, speak the language, have an extensive experience and a large network in various industries in China .

Due to our substantial expertise built up in previous years, we are able to assist you to make proper decisions which form the basis of a successful business in China .  Above all, we have a no-nonsense mentality and are focused on the needs of our clients.

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