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Our main services include:

·         Business development;

·         Market research including competitor analysis, in which the characteristics, opportunity and treats of the respective business area of our clients are identified;

·         The identification of business partners for subcontracting or export purpose;

·         Arrange and guide visits to potential partners in China ;

·         Effective communication, negotiation and (conflict) mediation.

With these services, FEOSS brings Chinese and Western companies together.  We conduct profound market analysis through a comprehensive desk and field research, and identify the most competitive Chinese companies that meet our client’s needs.

Our information, such as the market situation of your branch in China , capacity, productivity, cost, quality, import/export experience, and solvency of the Chinese companies, enables our clients to make proper decisions and forms the basis of a successful partnership.

We also participate in negotiations between the selected Chinese companies and our clients, and assist the clients in building up a long-term partnership with their partners.

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